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Z Automotive Front Camera Kit Features:
  • Requires a Tazer JL or Tazer JL Mini to activate the “cargo camera” input on your screen
  • Works on the 8.4 Uconnect only
  • Race Only Product
The Z Automotive Front Camera Kit Allows for Camera Feed on your Dashboard Screen For recording your off-road adventures to watch back later, or maybe to capture an incident where video evidence is needed, you need a camera system for your Jeep Wrangler JL. The Z Automotive Front Camera Kit is a camera input that requires a Tazer JL or Tazer JL Mini to activate. Once activated, you will be able to see the "cargo camera" input on your dashboard screen. No matter what driving mode or speed you are traveling, you will be able to capture every second of it and play it back when you want to. Not only can you capture your adventures, but you can utilize this camera kit to aid your parking as well. High-Quality Standard Definition The Z Automotive Front Camera Kit input is not a Hi-Definition input like the backup camera, so the video quality will not be as good. However, the picture quality is still a high-quality standard definition (480i) camera which is sufficient for getting a quality video. If you were looking for a better picture quality, unfortunately there is no way to add a high-definition cargo camera input to the JL radio. Despite this, the camera is easy to install. It conveniently includes all of the hardware needed and requires no additional wire splicing or use of screws.

Fitment: Jeep Wrangler JL except 4XE and 392