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The Supertop® Ultra™ is our most advanced soft top for the Jeep Wrangler! The Supertop® Ultra™ can fully retract with our patented guide track system. The enhanced Sunrider sunroof bathes all passengers in open air. Patented lift assist makes it simple for one person to shift the top from fully retracted to Sunrider position.

  • Run the Supertop® Ultra™ four ways: fully-enclosed, Sunrider open, Safari-style bikini or fully open
  • Can be operated confidently thanks to Bestop's patented guide track system assisting in putting the top up or down
  • Features traditional square-back profile consistent with traditional Jeep silhouette
  • Zipper-less channels makes window install and removal seamless
  • When retracted the top smoothly and neatly folds behind rear seats
  • Made of high-grade premium Black Twill fabric that maintains its shape in all temperatures, is mildew resistant and contains UV/DRH inhibitor
  • Simple maintenance with our soft top care (Twill Protectant)