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Roto Pax Deluxe Pack Mount Features:
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Locks your Rotopax to mounting surface
  • Keys included
The Roto Pax Deluxe Pack Mount Adds Strength and Provides Extra Tightening Power For mounting your Roto Pax extra fuel tank on your off-road vehicle, you need the proper mount to keep it stable and prevent it from falling off on the trails. After all, having this extra fuel is vital for situations when you use more fuel than anticipated. Never get stuck out in the wild without fuel using a Roto Pax fuel tank and the Roto Pax Deluxe Pack Mount. It locks your Roto Pax fuel pack or storage box with a unique design providing extra tightening power for ultimate security when carrying a first aid kit, fuel canister, or water canister. Occasionally spray with Graphite or Other Lubricant The Roto Pax Deluxe Pack Mount is designed to be used with included base plate or remove plate to attach mount direct by bolting up through the bottom or down through the top. Roto Pax does not carry spare keys, so we recommend storing one of the 2 included keys in a safe place. When you lock this mount, you will get superior tightening and have the ultimate security for your fuel tank or storage box. Sometimes the actual lock can get stuck if it exposed to the weather and elements. This is not unique to this product. Most metal materials will rust when outside. We recommend an occasional spray with graphite or other spray lubricant (PB Blaster works great) into the lock to prevent it from rusting.

Fitment: Universal