Rock Krawler JLU 2.5" X-Factor PRO Mid-arm System

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The Rock Krawler Suspension JLU 2.5 inch X-Factor PRO Mid-Arm System is specifically designed for Sport and Sahara owners who want a complete system, bolt-in installation, and the best articulation of any MID-ARM kit on the market. ALL 8 CONTROL ARMS ARE MADE FROM SOLID 7075 ALUMINUM, AND COME STANDARD WITH ALL BENEFITS OF X-FACTOR BUILT RIGHT IN. Our system proves its durability and off-road performance every time you hit the streets or trail! Our industry leading, X-Factor Series, adjustable upper and lower control arms offer a total of 95 degrees of misalignment when paired with our Pro-X Krawler Joints and Adventure Series joints. The inherent bind in a factory JL control arm is greatly reduced. Our maintenance free "Adventure Series" joints are found in your front and rear control arms at the frame connection, while our "PRO Krawler Joints" tie in your axle connections. With so much adjustability, it allows you to precision tune the JL's caster and pinion angle front and rear. Driving you home with the most comfortable ride possible in a Wrangler, are our TRIPLE RATE coils. All 4 coils work together to achieve excellent on-road comfort that we feel is better than the OEM linear rate springs. The coil itself is built with the proper "Free-length" for off-road articulation and stays firmly seated in the coil bucket (as long as a proper length shock is installed), and overall a very controlled reaction to bumps, rocks, sand, mud and whatever else you can manage to throw at them! All Rock Krawler JL systems include correction pads that reduce the spring bow inherent in the factory set up. The provided track bar geometry corrections, both front and rear, lets you perfectly center the axles so there is no compromise in on road handling.

When we design a system, our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive solution and the best geometry, install exceptional value, and be the foundation for every adventure whether it be on the Street, In tow, or down a Trail! Thank you for considering Rock Krawler Suspension

System Benefits:

Complete bolt in system
Excellent highway ride and handling
The best off-road ability of all Mid Arm Systems
Improved rear roll center
Tuned Triple Rate Coils
Spring Correction Seats
Vehicle lean correction
Upgradable to RK Longarm System
Best Technical support in the industry
Jeep remains level on all 4 corners
Lifetime Warranty Coverage
System Includes:

(4) Triple rate coil springs
(2) Front adjustable lower control arms
(2) Front adjustable upper control arms
(2) Front spring pads
(1) Adjustable front track bar
(2) GEN-II adjustable sway bar links
(2) Rear adjustable lower control arms
(2) Rear adjustable upper control arms
(2) Rear spring pads
(2) Adjustable rear sway bar links
(1) Bolt-on rear track bar relocation bracket

Bumpstops are included with all shock options
Twin Tube Shocks / 2.25"RRD shocks / Coilovers w/Coils / 2.625 RRD Remote Reservoir Shocks
Shock Information:

Generic Front Shock Length – 16.8” Collapsed/ 27.3” Maximum Extended
Generic Rear Shock Length – 17.8” Collapsed/ 29.31” Maximum Extended
TT Shocks: Steel bodied, can be installed with shaft up or down, excellent for daily drivers and weekend warriors

RRD Spec Twin Tube Front Shock
Part Number RRD04003
RRD Spec Twin Tube Rear Shock
Part Number RRD04004
requires 3" bump stops both front and rear
RRD Spec'd 2.25" Shocks: IN-HOUSE Designed and built - 2.25" Fluted aluminum construction, hard coat military grade black anodizing, 7/8" shaft, IFP (Internal floating piston), better bushings to achieve better misalignment, fully serviceable and rebuildable

RRD Spec Front Shock
Part Number RRD02283
RRD Spec Rear Shock
Part Number RRD02284
requires 3" bump stops both front and rear
Wheel Fitment:
Sport and Sahara Wheel Fitment Recommendations
37”/38” Tall Tires - Recommend 3.5” of Back Spacing
Rubicon Fitment Recommendations
37” Tall Tires – Recommend 4.5” of Back Spacing
40” Tall Tires – Recommend 3.5” of Back Spacing
Tire Fitment:

Sport and Sahara with Full OEM Fenders
37” Tall Tires (3” Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Sport and Sahara with Trimmed or High Lined OEM Fenders
38” Tall Tires (3” Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Rubicon with Full OEM Fenders
37”/38” Tall Tires (3” Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Rubicon with Trimmed or High Lined OEM Fenders
40” Tall Tires (3” Bump Stop Height Recommended)

General Notes:
All lift heights based on Rubicon models for standard style build (i.e. front bumper and winch, rear bumper and full size spare).
XR Package does not require OUR raised rear track bar bracket, the factory axle has a raised rear trackbar bracket, and for OUR systems that do not have a rear trackbar one must be added.
If building with a spare delete we recommend dropping 1” in coil lift height for the rear.
If building an overland or heavily up-fitted build in the back, we recommend upsizing 1” in coil lift height for the rear.
We recommend a new front driveshaft if you plan to off-road routinely.(Adam's Drivesahft,Tom Woods,J.E. Reel)
Requires removal of the OEM shock mount off the frame (*If coilover system is purchased)
Requires removal of the OEM shock and spring mount off the axle (*If coilover system is purchased)
Requires welding of the new coil over mount on the axle only (*If coilover system is purchased)