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Have you seen the size of your JK’s stock steering? Being pro-active, so you don't get stranded in the wilderness with bent or broken factory steering components, is the smart thing to do for your family's safety. RockJock's Currectlync Steering System for your JK Wrangler or Unlimited is must-have for those who get their rigs out in the dirt!
RockJock's completely bolt-on Currectlync Steering System features an alloy steel 42mm (1.65 in.) diameter tie rod, a solid forged steel, organically shaped, high articulation drag link, larger forged, greasable rod ends, premium jam nuts and adjusters and it's painted black, so it's ready for install right out of the box!
The new drag link’s organic shape ensures maximum up travel where your steering components are concerned. With this piece installed, you should also consider our RJ-9120FJKF organically shaped forged Trac Bar and our RJ-107101-101 adjustable front bump stop kit so that you can fine tune your vehicle to truly achieve maximum up travel out of your build.
Our heavy duty U-bolt style steering stabilizer shock mounting bracket kit is included to allow you to easily reinstall your factory stabilizer shock or an upgraded CE-9170SD1 Rancho RS5000 stabilizer shock.
Both the tie rod and drag link feature double adjusters so that they do not require removal from the vehicle for adjustment once installed. This unit is designed for use on stock height or lifted vehicles, but for those with big tires, these components are also compatible with ram assist steering (see ram assist mounting bracket options here.
This easy to install kit requires no modifications or machining to any part of the vehicle!

Kit Fits:

JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) - All Models (with stock front differential)
JK Wrangler (2-door) - All Models (with stock front differential)
Kit Includes:

42mm (1.65 in.) Alloy Steel Tie Rod Assembly (w/ Ends)
Forged, Organically Shaped Drag Link Assembly (w/ Ends)
Steering Stabilizer Shock Bracket Kit
All required hardware and step-by-step instructions
Kit Features:

Heavy duty greasable rod ends for increased strength and long service life
Double adjusters on both rods simplifies alignment (eliminates the need to remove rod ends, stabilizer shock or ram components to adjust tie rod)
Compatible with ram assist steering (see our ram assist mounting solutions here)
2-year warranty
Fitment Specs.:

Designed for stock height or up to 6 in. lifted vehicles
Compatible with any OEM JK wheel
Works with any size tire
For use on any factory JK Dana 30 and Dana 44 differentials
Can be used on aftermarket Dana 44 differentials that retain the factory outer steering knuckles, or aftermarket knuckles that retain the stock JK taper in the rod end mounting holes
All 4 rod end tapers are designed to fit the vehicles stock, original taper for ease of installation. If your tapers have been enlarged or drilled out – this will no longer be a bolt-on kit

In stock knuckle applications, no increase in bump stop is required for the sake of the Drag Link.
Do not use this unit outboard of the lift amount requirements outlined above! Deviating from these parameters will cause damage and premature wear to the components!
The Steering Stabilizer Bracket Kit that is included may be used with the stock stabilizer shock, an upgraded CE-9170SD1 Rancho RS5000 stabilizer shock and likely many other aftermarket shocks.
If you’ll be using this Tie Rod with ram assist, check out our easy to install ram mounting brackets for this tie rod here.
You must grease all rod ends via their zerk fittings before use. Grease unit with non-synthetic, hi-moly lube grease,