Jeep JLU GateKeeper Tire Carrier

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Side Plate Gussets
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The GateKeeper Tire Carrier is designed for those of us who love to wheel, and push the limits of our Jeep and our own driving capabilities. By running our GateKeeper Carrier, you gain so many different benefits. By taking the spare tire off the gate or bumper swing, you immediately gain departure angle. This will help the most in off road conditions. The GateKeeper also helps with weight distribution by centering the weight of the spare tire over the rear axle. This also puts more weight onto the front axle for more balanced and predictable handling characteristics. We have done testing on and off road to find that the Jeep actually handles better while carrying the spare on our Gatekeeper than with not running a spare at all, and especially over a typical tire carrier set up. For the JLU’s, another benefit is that the storage space still available becomes more of a concealed compartment. Once the carrier is installed, you can stow away all your bring along items underneath it and then close the rear seats to keep everything secure and in place while your wheeling. This carrier in the back of a JLU is capable of handling up to a 38x13.50 tire with no modifications to the interior of your Jeep. A 40 will fit with some plastic trimming. It also works with both hard tops and soft tops, and even the “fastback” tops! Simply bolt your hard top over the carrier and seal it up with a gasket material (not supplied). This keeps it just as easy as it was before to remove and reinstall your hard top.

The GateKeeper Tire Carrier also works with the factory Alpine Premium Sound System and sub woofer location.

   The options for the GateKeeper are as followed.

Accessory Panel. This panel attaches to the back side of the carrier and allows you to easily mount additional accessories to the carrier. A few examples are on board air systems, power inverters as well as any other items that can be bolted down.

Edge vs Classic Side Plate Gussets. These really are just a preference on the aesthetic appearance of the carrier. The Classic has the dimple died holes and the Edge has the more modern window cut outs


All installation hardware is included

Product Ships Plain Bare Steel