Jeep JL APEX Rear Axle Truss For 18-Pres Wrangler JL Artec Industries

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The key feature that sets the APEX truss apart is its unique peaked shape top which provides extra rigidity to the whole truss while allowing both a reduction in weight (vs using a thicker material top) and eliminating long weld seams.

Previous version with long weld seams which can be lead to extra weld warping of the axle, longer install times and can be inconsistent.

This peaked structure strengthens the area between the coil perches and over the differential forming a solid structure where its typically most weak.

The new JL APEX Rear Axle Truss is the epitome of low cost, easy and quick to weld, simple, strong, and complete solutions for making your factory Jeep axle take more abuse than originally intended. You want easy insurance for your axle? The JL APEX Truss provides it.
Features include:

  • Patent Pending APEX peaked top design provides more rigidity than a flat top truss design
  • CNC Precision Laser cut in-house from 3/16 inch mild steel for a lightweight yet strong solution...less than 10 lbs
  • CNC Precision Bent in-house for a great fitment. Literally drop the truss in place on the axle and it's ready to weld. No puzzle piece assembling
  • Designed used 3D models directly from Dana Corp and Jeep for not only an amazing fit but clearances with surrounding components
  • Works on M220 rear axles in all Rubicons, Sports and Sahara's with a Manual Transmission, and all automatic transmissions with a Limited Slip differential. M200 truss not available at this time.
  • 70 percent less welding needed than previous truss designs means less warping, faster turnaround, and lower costs
  • All long seams are bent so you don't need to spend time welding them together
  • APEX design stretches between OEM coil buckets for reinforcement where the axle is most weak
  • Dimpled holes provide not only weight reduction but rigidity and strength
  • Contours the cast steel differential and can be welded with normal MIG welder and moderate pre-heating and post-heating
  • Provides worry-free wheeling of up to 40 inch tires on stock JL axles
  • Clearance cuts for e-locker plug removal and axle breather hose
  • Low Profile Design is tight to the differential and allows usage in vehicles with only slight lift


  • Some grinding and fitment may be required when installing this kit. Every axle varies slightly and some fabrication may be required.
  • This kit is intended for vehicles with at least minor lifts (1.5 inch and up recommended) and at least 1/2 inch bump stop extensions. Check clearances before installing. Not tested in Non-US JLs or right hand drive axles.
  • This kit requires general welding and fabrication skills including welding to the cast center section. Welding should only be done by a competent welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is not liable for improper installation