Fishbone Offroad 2005-Current Toyota Tacoma Front Seat Flashlight Mount FB25315

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  • SKU FB25315

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  • Fits 2005-Current Toyota Tacoma
  • Constructed of 11-gauge steel
  • Black textured 
  • Accepts Maglite D-Cell Flashlights
  • Includes mounting hardware and clips.
  • Accepts Maglite D-Cell Flashlights
  • Mounts at base of Passenger seat
  • Flashlight not included.
  • Replacement Clips

This flashlight mount is a versatile and secure solution for keeping your flashlight within arm's reach, no matter where your adventures take you. This ingenious holder combines the flexibility to install your flashlight in an easy to reach location with the reliable security of our mounted brackets.

Whether you're in the city and need quick access to your flashlight for self-defense or out at your campsite seeking an additional light source, this holder offers the adaptability you need. With this flashlight holder, you're always prepared and in control, ensuring that your essential tools are just a reach away, enhancing your safety and convenience during every journey.