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The factory rear axle lower link arms on the Bronco are susceptible to impacts from large objects that can damage the link arm when offroading. Fabtech offers replacement heavy duty Bronco Link Arms that are vastly stronger than the factory units with the ability to be adjusted.

The Fabtech Link Arms are constructed with .313 thick wall steel tubing that is so strong they are guaranteed never to bend. The Link Arms are threaded on one end to allow for length adjustment to change the differential pinion angle for various ride heights.

The Link Arms attach to the axle with Fabtech’s legendary 5 Ton Joint®. This massive joint has been proven in the field for over 10 years on 5 ton vehicle applications that has survived the most severe conditions. Fabtech 5 Ton joints® come with a lifetime warranty against wearing out for highway or offroad use. In addition to their substantial strength they provide increased rotational angle at the pivot compared to the stock rubber bushing. This provides superior articulation for offroad use. The frame side of the Link Arm receives high quality urethane bushings to help isolate road noise away from the body structure.

These Fabtech Link Arms are an excellent upgrade to any Bronco that will encounter offroad use.


  • Constructed with .313 thick wall steel tubing with lifetime no bend warranty
  • Massive 5 Ton Joint® for increased articulation with lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable length feature allows for differential pinion angle adjustment
  • Fits stock to 5" lift suspension heights

Fits 4-door models only.