2021+ Ford Bronco Rear Tail Light Guards

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Are you an off-road enthusiast seeking the perfect balance between style and protection for your Ford Bronco? Look no further than our EAT-M1 Tail Light Guards, meticulously engineered for the modern adventurer. Crafted by experts who share your passion for off-roading, these guards are not just accessories; they're your Bronco's armor against the rugged terrains you love to conquer.

Real Protection, Uncompromised Style:

Designed to provide genuine protection for your tail lights, the EAT-M1 guards act as a shield against the elements. Whether it's stray branches or harsh brush, these guards ensure your tail lights remain unscathed, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the off-road experience.

Deflects Nature's Challenges:

When nature throws its challenges your way, our guards stand tall. Engineered to deflect tree branches and brush effectively, you can confidently navigate through dense forests and untamed trails, knowing your tail lights are safe from harm.

Light Mounts:

The top plate of the guards features strategically placed light mounts. This design allows you to enhance your visibility during nighttime adventures. Attach your favorite auxiliary lights effortlessly, illuminating your path and increasing your safety on the trail.

Unobstructed View:

We understand the importance of a clear view of your tail lights. Our guards are meticulously crafted to hug your tail lights tightly, ensuring they don't impede the light's visibility. Enjoy a sleek, streamlined look while knowing your tail lights are always visible to other drivers on the road.

Easy Bolt-On Installation:

Simplicity meets durability with our bolt-on design. Enjoy the convenience of a secure fit that is as reliable as your Bronco's performance off-road. Scroll down to see our instructional video on how to install the tail lights guards.

Elevate your Ford Bronco's off-road experience with the EAT-M1 Tail Light Guards. Immerse yourself in the thrill of the wilderness, knowing your vehicle is equipped with the finest in tail light protection. Don't just drive – conquer the trails with confidence, style, and uncompromised functionality.

Key Features
Provide real protection for the tail light
Designed to deflect tree branches and brush
Light mounts on top plate
Made of 3/16" Steel
Powdercoated Black
Don’t impede view of tail light
Hug tail light tightly
Easy bolt on design
Sold as a pair of 2


2021+ Ford Bronco 2 and 4-Door Models excl Raptor